What Shanann Watts' Family Had to Say About Lifetime Movie Coming About Her and Daughters' Murders

Chris Watts is serving multiple life sentences in prison for the murders of his wife, Shanann, and their daughters, Bella and Cece.

A new movie depicting killer Chris Watts and the gruesome murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters is causing controversy within the grieving family.

A just-released trailer for Lifetime's "Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer" shows the actor portraying Watts kissing his wife, Shanann, playing with his children, Bella and Cece, and being questioned by police.

Now Shanann’s family is denouncing the film.  

Steven Lambert is their lawyer and he spoke to Inside Edition on behalf of the family, saying, "It's a false narrative that does not accurately depict who Shannon was in life, who Bella was in life, who Cece was in life." 

The murders shocked the nation in 2018. 

Watts admitted to strangling Shanann and burying her body in a shallow grave and smothering his daughters before dumping their bodies in oil tanks. It turned out that Watts was leading a double life and was having an affair with a female coworker.

Shanann’s family says what they've seen of the movie is disturbing and they were never contacted by producers.

“This is their tragedy, their story and it's being taken away from them so when people go out and make things without their input and do not get the facts straight from the horse's mouth, it does pain them, it does hurt them,” their attorney said. 

Watts is serving multiple life sentences in prison. 

Lifetime has not responded to Inside Edition's request for comment.