What the Acrobat Who Survived a Scary Fall During a Stunt on the 'Wheel of Destiny' Says He Will Do Next

Cyrus Nock suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs and crushed vertebrae in the accident at a fair in Cape Cod. The daredevil tells Inside Edition it won't stop him from performing the stunt again.

A 23-year-old acrobat who fell during a stunt-gone-wrong is speaking out from the hospital where he’s recovering from his injuries. Cyrus Nock, is a member of the carnival performance group known as the “Nerveless Nocks.”

Nock was ending his performance at a fair in Cape Cod on a contraption called the “wheel of destiny” when he fell, smashed into the metal frame and tumbled to the ground below.

First responders rushed to treat the injured daredevil, who suffered a collapsed lung, three cracked ribs, crushed vertebrae and a small crack in his spine in the accident. 

Nock told Inside Edition that he has a “lot of pain” in his back. 

“I was getting ready to bow for the people, for the grand applause, and I got disoriented. I misplaced my left foot and I fell,” Nock said.

His dad Michelangelo said he was horrified when he saw his son fall. “We’re so thankful to god he’s only got the injuries he has.”

Cyrus says he wants to be back on the wheel soon.

“The show must go on,” the performer said.

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