Acrobat Survives Falling 20 Feet While Performing on 'Wheel of Death' at Massachusetts Fair

A  photo of the Nerveless Nock performers on 'The Wheel of Death,' at a previous venue.

The fire chief said the performer sustained injuries that were potentially serious but non-life-threatening.

An acrobat suffered multiple injuries and was hospitalized after falling nearly 20 feet off the "Wheel of Death" during a performance at a county fair in Massachusetts on Wednesday, officials said.

Falmouth Fire Rescue were on standby at the Barnstable County Fair when the incident took place at 5:44 p.m. On-site personnel tended to the injured performer and transported him to Falmouth Hospital, according to a statement by the Falmouth Fire Rescue.

The performer, who was not identified, had fallen from near the top of the "Wheel of Death," also known as the "Space Wheel,” the Cape Cod Times reported.

Falmouth Fire Deputy Chief Scott Thrasher told the news outlet that the acrobat was performing in one of the rotating hoops and hit the top of the other hoop before dropping approximately 20 feet to the ground.

The fire chief said the performer sustained injuries that were “potentially serious but non-life-threatening,” he said, the Times reported. 

It wasn't unclear why the acrobat fell.

The Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration and inspectors were notified of the incident, Falmouth police Lt. Douglas DeCosta said, the Times reported.

The aerialist, who is part of the performance group Nerveless Nocks, describes themselves as “pioneers in the thrill and stunt industry producing extreme circus and thrill spectaculars around the world,” according to its website.

According to the Nerveless Nocks, their performers typically do "leaps, somersaults, handstands and actually walk the wheel blind-folded" as they revolve on the aerial pendulum, People reported. 

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