What to Wear to Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

It's advised to avoid wearing something that fully covers your upper arm, where the needle is inserted.

As millions of Americans line up for the COVID-19 vaccine, many are wondering, what should you wear? Inside Edition spoke to an expert who said to avoid wearing something without access to your upper arm, where the needle is inserted.

“Short sleeve, tank top — anything that’s easily buttoned, open that can expose your arm. Something loose fitting, because you will have a band aid on afterwards. There may be a little bit of soreness. You don't want anything that will potentially press against your arm,” Dr. Michelle Chester of Northwell Health told Inside Edition.

Dolly Parton is getting top marks for her vaccination outfit: a dress with shoulder cut-outs in just the right place, so all she had to do was sit there. The style is called the “cold shoulder” look.

Inside Edition reporter Alison Hall tried on some vaccine-friendly fashion with lifestyle expert Erika Katz at the Ruby and Jenna Boutique in Roslyn, New York.