Where Is Marilane Carter? Kansas Mom on Way to Alabama to See Family, Seek Mental Health Treatment, Is Missing

Mother-of-three Marilane Carter hasn't been heard from for more than a week.
Mother-of-three Marilane Carter hasn't been heard from for more than a week. Overland Park Police

A Kansas mom of three has been missing since leaving to seek mental health treatment in Alabama more than a week ago after having “made concerning statements to her family,” authorities said. Marilane Carter, 36, of Overland Park, has family in the area, and once worked at the Birmingham hospital she planned to seek treatment, KSHB reported.

“We’re still holding out hope,” her brother-in-law Brady McLaughlin told KSHB.

Carter had taken to the road the evening of Aug. 1, and was last seen on surveillance footage checking into a hotel in West Plains, Missouri at around 4 a.m. the following morning.

Family members said she spent about three hours there before taking to the road again, and her husband Adam Carter told KMBC that he had spoken to her when she left the hotel before her phone died. Carter spoke to her mom minutes later before her phone died again.

Her cellphone last pinged around Memphis, Tennessee. Adam said he believes she is still headed to Birmingham, Alabama and has driven there in hopes she will show up.

"She was seeking some mental health care and she didn't want to go to any place in Kansas City, but she wanted to go to a place she was familiar with," her husband told KMBC.

Carter said she wanted to visit her mom and newborn niece while she was in Birmingham.

Since news spread of her disappearance, witnesses have claimed they saw Carter– one even claiming she gave her $10 for gas– but none of the claims have yet been confirmed by law enforcement.

"We don’t know what tip is real, what tip is not,” her husband told KSHB. “It’s just reassuring to know that people are looking."

Adam said there is also a chance she checked herself into a mental health facility in Missouri, but mental health facilities do not release information on patients unless a patient ID number is known.

Anyone who knows of her whereabouts should contact law enforcement.


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