Is the White House Out to Take Down Omarosa? Pundits Claim They're Under Orders to Discredit Her

The Trump administration has reportedly ordered criticism of the former "Apprentice" contestant as she reportedly plans a tell-all about life in the White House.

Has the White House declared war on Omarosa? Some pundits say they've been ordered to take her down. 
“It's no secret, everyone in this town has had an issue with Omarosa,” Ayshia Connors, the president of the Black Republican Congressional Staff Association, told Inside Edition. 

Connors appeared on a CNN panel Thursday, where she told anchor Don Lemon that the White House "told us to take the gloves off" when it came to Omarosa. 

From the White House point of view, the former reality TV star apparently became fair game by strongly implying that she'll tell all someday. 

By many accounts, Omarosa didn't make a lot of friends during her time at the White House.

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer was once asked by Fox News pundit Laura Ingraham about why she was brought in.

“I don’t know,” he replied, adding, “The president brought a lot of people in to fulfill his agenda.” 

As for Connors, she said she's happy to see Omarosa leave the White House. 

Thursday, President Trump praised Omarosa and thanked her for her service.