Who Are 'KR' and 'Sonia'? Billboards With Declaration of Their Love Baffle Small Canadian Town

The billboards can be seen on the highway heading into Conception Bay South.
The billboards can be seen on the highway heading into Conception Bay South.(Carla Crotty)

Mysterious billboards that read “KR & Sonia: Soulmates” are the talk of a small Newfoundland and Labrador town.

“KR” and “Sonia” have been the talk of a small Canadian town ever since two billboards went up with a very public declaration of their love.

But who are KR and Sonia?

Their real identities remain anonymous ever since the two billboards were erected over Conception Bay South, Newfoundland and Labrador in November.

“I’ve been asking this question for weeks and weeks,” said longtime resident Carla Crotty. “It’s kind of small town, generally word travels fast around these parts but I’ve really been on a hunt and haven’t been able to turn up anything concrete.”

Crotty, 38, said she first noticed the 10-foot by 20-foot signs as she drove home from a big work trip. The two signs, placed side by side, were placed along the highway only viewable to drivers headed for their small town.

“[Conception Bay South] is about a 15- or 20-minute commute from the larger city St. Johns,” she speculated. “For somebody to erect a sign in this particular area would lead me to think they’re probably residents.”

Despite being a town of only 25,000, nobody seemed to know the identities of KR or Sonia, including the company that owned the billboards, Pattison Outdoor Advertising.

"The ads were booked […] by an associate of KR, so we do not even know who KR is,” said Pattison representative Sherry Kirwin.

She added that it would cost approximately $1,500 to erect a single billboard for four weeks, and this particular client had purchased three to stay up until the end of February.

Kirwin also confirmed that it was not a publicity stunt by the company.

As far as theories, though, Crotty said there’s been a several circulating town.

Originally, people had thought the signs were a plea from a former musician attempting to restart her career, but spokespeople were quick to quell the rumors.

Crotty and fellow sleuths also discovered that Sonia is a character in a popular game called King’s Raid, but the theory didn’t lead to any other conclusions.

She said she's also done an in-depth dive into her Facebook friends list, searching up initials of anyone vaguely connected to the town, but was still unable to come up with anything.

"I might just have to be satisfied that KR and Sonia will remain a mystery," Crotty said.