Who Is the Intern Captured Racing Out of Court After the Manafort Verdict?

Social media erupted in awe of the young woman, identified as Cassie Semyon.

An NBC News intern was photographed doing a mad dash out of federal court Tuesday following the verdict in the case against Paul Manafort.

The intern has become known as “the lady in the blue dress” after she was seen racing out of federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, to deliver breaking news that Manafort had been found guilty on eight counts.

The young woman, identified as Cassie Semyon, is an intern at NBC News assigned to “Andrea Mitchell Reports" on MSNBC. 

Mitchell applauded her intern's speedy work on the show Wednesday.

"I want to share an epic Associated Press photo of our intern, Cassie Semyon, doing her best impression of Usain Bolt,” Mitchell said. “Fast is great, fast and accurate is best. It is not the last we will hear from her in journalism."

Semyon is a student enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia, where she reports for the school's TV station.

She took to Twitter to provide more details about how she managed her now-famous sprint.

"Flat sandals, easy to run in!” she wrote. 

Her form comes from being a former high school track team member. 

"Those cross country running days did me good," she tweeted.