Who Is the Homeless Woman Heard Singing Opera in L.A. Subway?

The trained violinist came to Los Angeles from Russia 28 years ago.

The voice of an angel was captured in the subway of Los Angeles for the world to hear.

Haunting video recorded a woman singing opera below ground, her beautiful voice echoing through the station. The footage was shared by an LAPD officer and went viral.

So who is the mystery performer?

Her name is Emily Zamourka. She is a classically trained violinist who came to Los Angeles from Russia 28 years ago. She became homeless after being hit with massive medical bills, so she started playing her violin on the street to help make ends meet. But one day, her precious violin, worth $10,000, was stolen. She was left with only one instrument to perform with — her voice.

Her breathtaking vocals have brought offers of help from other artists, including violinist Eliza James. "Help me find this woman. I want to help her. I have an instrument for her. If you know Emily Zamourka plz lmk," she tweeted.

Several GoFundMe pages have also been set up to raise money for Zamourka.