Who Took a Photo of Alex Rodriguez on the Toilet?

He's put his legal team on the case.

An embarrassing photo Alex Rodriguez sitting on the toilet is circulating on social media.

The picture was taken through the window of the luxury Manhattan high-rise apartment he shares with fiance Jennifer Lopez. The unit is worth $17.5 million. 

The luxury Park Avenue apartment is surrounded by skyscrapers. The power couple lives on the 36th floor but from the buildings across the street you can see right into their apartment. There don't appear to be any curtains or blinds.

Now, A-Rod is on the hunt for the culprit, reportedly asking his legal team to find out who took the photo. They've apparently narrowed their focus to the two buildings adjacent to the pair's apartment. The buildings contain offices for some very high-end hedge funds.

Attorney Vinoo Varghese spoke to Inside Edition about the legal implications the photographer faces. 

"It may or may not be legal; there is a chance that the D.A. can go after this person under what is called ‘unlawful surveillance charges’ because if he took a picture of degrading A-Rod for no legitimate purpose, then he can potentially face criminal charges, this photographer,” he said.