Why a Former Texas Police Chief Is Speaking Out on 'Dr. Phil' About Cheating on Wife With Multiple Women

Dr. Phil told Inside Edition that Jason Collier wants people to know "he’s not the monster that people are making him out to be."

The former police chief of Stinnett, Texas, is speaking out about living a “triple life,” in which he cheated on his wife with a number of other women. Jason Collier’s interview will air Tuesday and Wednesday on “Dr. Phil.”

“He didn’t lie to just his wife and the girlfriend — He lied to his wife and a girlfriend and another girlfriend and another girlfriend. I mean, he had a lot of balls in the air,” Dr. Phil says in a teaser clip for the interview.

“How many of them did you propose to?” Dr. Phil asks Collier.

“We would talk about marriage issues and things, but actually coming out and saying, ‘Will you marry me?’ I don’t remember asking. I know I never said that to anybody in person. We might have been jokingly saying that in a text,” Collier says.

Inside Edition asked Dr. Phil why Collier decided to talk.

“I think that he wants to tell his side of the story. Because, listen, he owns up to what he did, but he says he’s not the monster that people are making him out to be,” Dr. Phil said.

In surveillance video, Collier is seen in uniform giving one of his girlfriends a kiss while on the job.