Why Are Monster Mosquitoes Swarming Homes in North Carolina?

Cassie Vadovsky said she's forced to run to and from her car to avoid the blood-sucking insects.

Monster mosquitoes three times the size of normal mosquitoes are invading North Carolina, wreaking havoc across the state.

Cassie Vadovsky recorded horrifying video of the blood-sucking insects swarming her home after she picked up her daughter from school.

"I’ve never seen mosquitoes this bad before,” she told Inside Edition, as she swatted the bugs away. “I worry about my kids, so we're really running to and from the car [every day]."

The monster mosquito outbreak is a direct result of Hurricane Florence's floodwaters, which provided the perfect breeding ground for the insects.

Glenn Wiley of the exterminating company Mosquito Joe explained what makes the monster mosquitoes much more dangerous.

"They’re larger, they're more aggressive and they can bite you through your clothes,” Wiley told Inside Edition. “I have not experienced anything as bad as it has been by far."

He said he's received dozens of calls from panicked homeowners. 

While it's impossible to totally prevent monster mosquitoes, Wiley said the most important step you can take to protect yourself is making sure there are no puddles of water on your property.

"After heavy rain, we want to make sure there's no standing water in the drains because if there’s standing water in your drains, that's another water source for them to breed into,” he said.      

The large mosquitoes live for only about 30 to 45 days and don't do well in cold weather, so they current infestation should die down in the coming weeks.