Why Christmas Tree Prices Are Soaring This Year

Prices on trees are up 20 percent this year at some tree farms.

Christmas tree prices are soaring this year due to a shortage of the spruces. 

Shawn Wilk, who has been selling Christmas trees for more than 40 years in Culver City, California, told Inside Edition he is going to be down just 800 trees this season

He blames the recession 10 years ago for higher prices in 2018.

“Back in 2008, when the recession started, a lot of little farmers ... just stopped growing and went out of business,” he said. 

What is in really short supply are very tall trees. It takes about a decade to grow an 8-foot tree, but now many farmers can't wait that long so they're cutting them down early.

Wilk says his prices are up 20 percent as a result of the shortage.

Despite the cost, many consumers still have our hearts set on buying a real Christmas tree.

Before you buy a tree, however, make sure test for freshness by running your hand across the branch. If the needles do not fall off in your hand, the tree is in good shape. 

Once you get it home, you can make your tree last longer by always keeping water at its base. In addition, keep your tree away from the sun.