Why Judge in Amber Guyger Case Says She Gave the Convicted Murderer a Hug

The judge also gave Amber Guyger her Bible.

A Texas judge is receiving criticism not for how she presided over the high-profile murder trial of Amber Guyger but what she did after the sentencing.

After Guyger was found guilty of killing neighbor Botham Jean and sentenced to 10 years in prison, Judge Tammy Kemp attempted to console the convicted murderer. She gave the woman a hug and then gave Guyger her Bible.

Many people criticized Kemp on social media for her actions, saying it was a step too far. But the judge is defending herself.

"I did not want her to go back over to the jail and to become bitter," she told WFAA.

Guyger had actually received a hug earlier in the trial. Jean's brother asked the judge if he could embrace his brother's killer. She obliged, and he gave Guyger a hug.

Kemp said the moment moved her to tears. And when Guyger asked her for a hug later, she said she couldn't say no.

"I was honored to give her my Bible and gladly gave her a hug," she said.