Why These Parents Are Demanding Refunds on Their Blippi Tickets

The YouTube character is going on tour, but the parents say it wasn't clear that Stevin John would not be the one playing Blippi.

Millions of children can't get enough of Blippi’s educational YouTube videos, but his new “live tour” is sparking some outrage among parents. 

Blippi is a character played by 31-year-old actor Stevin John. Before getting into kids entertainment, he served in the Air Force. He created the character Blippi five years ago and now has billions of views on YouTube.

Blippi is so popular that kids were thrilled to learn he was going on his first "live tour" across North America.

“I was online within two minutes buying tickets, we spent $250 on four tickets,” one mother named Amy told Inside Edition. 

But that thrill turned to some degree of anger for some moms when they learned it wouldn't be the real Stevin John up on stage 

“It took several clicks in fine print to really see where it stated it was gonna be an actor,” said another mother named Brittany. 

A different actor will be portraying the character, a detail some parents say was not clear when they purchased tickets. 

“I felt bamboozled,” a mother named Ashley told Inside Edition. “It’s like going to see Rolling Stones and after you've already bought your tickets it’s a Mick Jagger impersonator.”

After all the criticism, the tour's website makes it clear the character will be played on stage by "a dynamic stage performer" who "has been cast as Blippi."  

The real Blippi says he'll be a creative force with the live show and he says refunds will be given to anyone who asks for one.