Why Were the Polls So Wrong — Again?

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How did the polls get it so wrong, again? Most gave Joe Biden a solid, even commanding lead heading into Election Day. As The New York Times reported, no matter the polling method, Biden was ahead.

The Susquehanna poll was one of the few to give President Trump an edge. CEO Jim Lee said some Trump voters are shy about admitting their support for the president.

“People are protective of their right to vote and don't want to share that with an anonymous phone agent. In the course of an interview, that's a perfectly legitimate reaction to be guarded and just give the popular answer,” Lee told Inside Edition.

There were warning signs the polls were understating the president’s popularity, including the huge rallies he held in the middle of a pandemic.

A Monmouth University poll predicted Biden victories in Florida by 5% and Pennsylvania by 7%. But of course, it didn’t turn out that way. Now there’s a backlash—Savannah Guthrie took two NBC pollsters to task on the “Today Show."

“Well, this has been humbling for pollsters. People are saying why are these so off? I can understand the frustration,” Guthrie said.

America’s top pollster, Nate Silver, gave Biden a 90% shot at winning when he appeared on “The View” Monday. Silver is now facing intense backlash on social media.

"How the hell does Nate Silver have a job?” said one tweet.


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