Why Would Son of 'Tarzan' Actor Ron Ely Kill His Mom and Try to Frame His Dad?

Police say Cameron stabbed his mother, Valerie, to death and then tried to blame his own father.

Why would the son of actor Ron Ely murder his own mother and then try to frame his dad?

Cops found the 81-year-old “Tarzan” actor's wife, Valerie, stabbed to death inside their Santa Barbara estate

A police call reveals their son, 30-year-old Cameron, blamed his dad.

“This is a male. They said the father tried to attack the mother,” a police officer told dispatch in the call made Tuesday night. “Someone defended someone and then they hung up. The male was out of breath, unintelligible and crying.” 

Police confronted Cameron and shot him, saying “he posed a threat ... four deputies fired their service weapons at the suspect, fatally wounding him."

Also revealed in a police call was that Ron was in poor health, suffering from a possible speech impediment.

“The only person we have here, he can't even talk,” an officer told dispatch. 

Cameron graduated from Harvard University with a degree in psychology. He was a quarterback at the university his freshman year. A recruiting website stated he had a GPA above 4.0 and “supreme intelligence to go along with his ability to make good decisions.”

Current records show that at the time of the murder, Cameron was a licensed security guard.