Widow Of Man Killed in Dispute With Ex-Wife's Boyfriend Slams Justice System: 'It's Very Unfair'

A grand jury recently decided Kyle Carruth was acting in self-defense and will not be criminally charged.

The widow of a man who was shot dead in a headline-making incident caught on camera last November is speaking to Inside Edition and says she is “devastated.”

Jennifer Read says, “I feel like a shell of the person I once was” after her husband, Chad, was shot dead just two months after they were married.

She shot the video of the clash involving her husband and Kyle Carruth, the man who reportedly fired the gun that killed her husband on November 5 at Carruth's home in Lubbock, Texas.

She said she was in “complete shock” and “couldn’t believe it,” adding, “I honestly thought it was like a BB gun, it was so quiet when he first shot it.”

“I was thinking in my mind, get up, Chad,” she added.

Chad’s shooter was his ex-wife’s boyfriend. The victim was looking for his son who he thought was at Carruth’s home.

“He wasn't mad, he was frustrated,” his widow said.

Then, things escalated as Carruth allegedly came out of the house with a rifle and the two men reportedly got right in each other's face.

Carruth fired into the ground and then there was a struggle in which he allegedly opened fire again, killing Chad.

A grand jury recently decided Carruth was acting in self-defense and will not be criminally charged.

Chad’s widow says it is “very unfair” when asked how she feels about the grand jury’s decision.

“I didn't realize the justice system operated this way,” she added.

Tony Buzbee is her attorney and told Inside Edition, “we're all sitting here thinking the entire system has failed this family.”

Jennifer Read says she would like to tell Carruth, “I'd like to say I forgive him but I’m still working on that. I just would hope that there would be some remorse, not only did I lose my husband, three children lost their father.”

“I loved Chad with all my heart,” she said.

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