Wife Thanks Generous Stranger Who Helped Husband With Just Months to Live Attend Super Bowl

Steven Skinner was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer called glioblastoma a little over a year ago.

A dying dad's dream of going to the Super Bowl was realized Sunday, with his family by his side. 

Steven Skinner was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer called glioblastoma a little over a year ago, his wife, Lisa Skinner, told InsideEdition.com. Always a fighter, Steven rallied despite the devastating news, undergoing multiple rounds of radiation and surgery, as well as taking chemotherapy pills, to battle the disease. 

But around Thanksgiving, the family was told Steven only had months left to live. So Steven's son, Andrew, jumped into action to make his dad's wish of attending the Super Bowl a reality.

Andrew raised over $40,000 on GoFundMe thanks to many generous donations, but then the story caught the eye of one specific kindhearted stranger, Mike Medici, president of Premier Transportation, who invited Steven's whole family to watch the big game from his suite at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

On Sunday, the Skinners met their benefactor and watched the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams in a night they'll never forget. 

“It’s hard to even put yesterday into words; they all seem so inadequate," Lisa said. "With the help and generosity of Mike Medici, his family and others, memories that will last a lifetime were created."

She said Medici planned everything, including arranging a driver to transport them to the stadium. 

"Although his health has deteriorated more over the last week, with God’s blessing my husband, Steven, was able to be in the present and enjoy having his dreamed realized, thanks [to] our son and generous people like Mike," Lisa added. 

Medici told InsideEdition.com after the game, "My wife Maryellen and I were humbled to have spent an amazing day with the Skinner family. We have never witnessed such love and compassion."

He added of Lisa: "[She] is an incredibly strong woman. To the end, she made certain that Steven’s dignity remained intact."

As for the tens of thousands of dollars raised? The Skinners plan to donate the money raised through GoFundMe to glioblastoma research, and it’s their hope that more will soon be uncovered about the aggressive cancer.