Wild Turkeys! 5 Cases of Fowl Gone Awry

Wild Turkey

These turkeys have made headlines for very odd reasons.

This Thanksgiving, let's pay tribute to the turkeys that have caused quite a bit of controversy by reacting in wild ways towards humans.

Here are five ways turkeys have frightened or astounded people over the years. 

Earlier this year, a flock of 15 turkeys may have been trying to tell people to “back off” or resurrect a cat, the verdict is still out after the birds were filmed walking in a circle around a deceased feline outside Boston.

Jonathan Davis was on his way to work when he came upon the bizarre scene.

"They were moving in perfect unison, bobbing their heads, it almost looked like some sort of séance or ritual," he told Inside Edition in March. 

Wildlife Expert David Mizejewski presented Inside Edition with a possible explanation for the eerie behavior in the video. 

"Turkeys are flocking birds, I think the lead turkey started walking in a circle and the others followed behind," he said.

Over the years there have been numerous cases of birds running amok and wreaking havoc in American towns. 

In November 2016, a fowl named Thomas Gobbles, caused traffic jams and tormented students in Casper, Wyo. 

The aggressive turkey became a social media sensation last year and while no one was seriously injured by Thomas Gobbles, it was recommended that people stand their ground when they encountered him, or appeasing him with bread or tortillas.

Also in November 2016, a small California town was gripped by the wild birds

Wild turkeys terrorized the town of Davis, Calif., so much that the city was forced to vote to remove and relocate the birds from the area. 

One resident told Inside Edition: “Everybody has a turkey story. Most of them have been, 'I had been late to work because I was waiting for the turkeys to cross H Street.'"

Just a month before Thanksgiving 2016, the Davis City Council voted 4-1 in favor of a trap-and-release program to help alleviate the wild turkey problem. 

In December 2015, a mailman in Cape Cod, Mass., had to defend himself from angry turkeys in the area. 

The mailman was so used to the attacks that he carries a pole around with him to keep the flock away. He has to keep his eyes on the giant birds as he makes a beeline for his truck — and to safety.

In November 2015, one turkey was trying to find its way in the world and entered a church seeking refuge just days before Thanksgiving. 

The bird was found pacing outside St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Orlando, Fla. The parish posted the news on Facebook and where they said it was trying to get into their sanctuary and followed it with #AllAreWelcome.

The fowl amused the staff so much that they live streamed the incident on Periscope.

Since the event happened so close to the holiday, some speculated that the bird was looking for forgiveness and a pardon to not be eaten.

The curious bird finally left the parish on its own recognizance but left a story to tell for a lifetime.