Will Ferrell Makes First Public Appearance Since Scary Car Crash

The "Anchorman" star appeared to be in good spirits at a charity event in Los Angeles.

Will Ferrell has made his first public appearance since a terrifying crash that led his SUV to flip over.

Ferrell, 50, was returning from an event in San Diego in a chauffeured vehicle with two other passengers last Thursday when it was side-swiped by another car in Orange County, Calif.

The comedian wasn’t seriously injured, but was checked out by paramedics at the side of the road and taken to a local hospital by ambulance. 

Ferrell was back to business this week, cracking up the audience during a charity event in Los Angeles.

During the event, Ferrell quizzed an 8-year-old girl about U.S. presidents.

“I heard you know everything about presidents so I’m going to test you with a pop quiz!” Ferrell told young Macey Hensley.

“Who is the shortest president ever?” Ferrell asked the 5-year-old, who quickly responded, “James Madison — he was 5'4"!”