Window Washers Dressed as Superheroes Delight Kids at Children's Hospital in Iowa

The superhero window washers are an annual event at the facility.

These action heroes have very special powers.

They can cut a mean streak through window grime while warming the hearts of very sick children.

Every year, employees at Larry's Window Service in Des Moines don superhero costumes and rappel down the walls of Blank Children's Hospital to clean the glass and delight lads and lasses receiving treatment inside.

Batman was there. As was The Flash, Captain America and Spider-Man. Armed with their trusty squeegees and red pails of soapy water, they dangled in midair, eliminating grime and generating grins.

The pint-sized patients rushed to the hospital windows Tuesday, slapping their hands on the panes and laughing. The costumed washers performed daring feats of cleaning while waving and giving thumbs-up signals to the kids.

"It makes my heart absolutely explode," hospital spokeswoman Amy Varcoe told the Des Moines Register. "When [the children] see that, they forget about everything. They forget about why they're here."

The window washers have been performing for years at the hospital and consider the events one of the best parts of their jobs.