Wisconsin Business Gives Guns to Its Employees as Christmas Bonus

Courtesy: BenShot
Courtesy: BenShot

The employees were allowed to pick any firearm they wanted, within a specific budget.

A Wisconsin company is presenting its employees a controversial Christmas bonus: A gun

The owners of BenShot, a business that sells bulletproof drinking glass products, decided this year that they wanted to give their 16 employees a unique gift they could put to good use, and so they chose firearms

Ben Wolfgram, co-owner of the father-son business, said their team is a close one.

“My dad and I talked about it. First, it was for personal safety,” Wolfgram told InsideEdition.com. “The second part, we thought it would be fun for our employees.”

They gave a $500 price range and allowed employees to pick any gun they wanted within that budget. 

“We had a couple [people] buy a Smith & Wesson,” Wolfgram said. “One guy got an AR-15.”

Wolfgram said two of the employees opted not to get guns because one said “she had enough at home” and the other “didn’t think she would use it.”

He said he’s received all kinds of feedback about his decision, but insisted it has been mostly positive. 

“We have future outings planned to go to the shooting range as a team-building [exercise],” he said.