Wisconsin Couple Married 73 Years Dies of Coronavirus Hours Apart

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A Wisconsin couple married for more than 70 years has died of coronavirus just hours apart. In a beautiful act of kindness, hospital staff made sure they were side-by-side in their final hours.

A recent home video shows Mary Kepler bringing cake to her husband Wilford on his 94th birthday as loved ones cheered, but now the family is mourning the loss of their beloved relatives.

"It was a big shock to us that they died on the same day," one of their children told Inside Edition.

Wilford survived the battle of Okinawa during World War II. He and Mary got married in 1946. They worked hard and raised a loving family. But in mid-April, like so many elderly Americans, they were stricken with coronavirus. 

The family said they were grateful for the nurses who wheeled Wilford into his wife's hospital room so they could spend their final hours together.

"They were able to hold hands. I think it meant so much to them to be close at the end. It meant so much to us, too," one of their children said.


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