Wisconsin Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Child at Christian Summer Camp in 2009

Remington mug shot
Wisconsin DOJ sex offender registry

Remington Jon Nystrom, who was then a camp counselor, has been accused of assaulting a 10-year-old in her sleep during camp and has been charged with first-degree child sexual assault. He is a registered sex offender for an incident that occurred in 2008.

A Wisconsin man has been accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in 2009 during a Christian summer camp.

Remington Jon Nystrom was a camp counselor at Mt. Morris summer camp in 2009 and allegedly sexually assaulted a child while she was asleep, according to the press release by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. 

According to the press release, he "is alleged to have touched the 10-year-old victim's genitals, waking the victim from sleep.”

Nystrom, who is now 33, has been charged with first-degree child sexual assault contact with a child under age 13.

The alleged victim is now in her early 20s, and did not report the incident at the time, and she recently utilized the Attorney General's website for clergy and faith leader abuse to report the assault, according to the release. 

Attorney General Josh Kaul said in the announcement, "This case is possible because of the report made by a brave survivor and the diligent work of investigators, victim service professionals, and prosecutors," 

"We continue to ask anyone with information about clergy and faith leader abuse to make a report to the Wisconsin Department of Justice."

Nystrom has been a registered sex offender in Wisconsin since 2019, after pleading no contest to charges of sexual assault and causing mental harm to a different child, for an incident that occurred in 2008. He  spent six months in jail, according to People

According to the outlet, Nystrom has posted a $5,000 bond, and will appear in court on February 14 for a preliminary hearing. He has not yet entered a plea, nor do court records show an attorney that is representing him, according to People.

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