Woman, 80, Man, 92, Fall in Love After Meeting at Speed Dating Event

Renee Weiss and Miles Miller
Renee Weiss and Miles Miller

They have been inseparable since.

An 80-year-old woman and 92-year-old man are proving it’s never too late to fall in love after the two met at a dating event. 

Renee Weiss and Miles Miller met at a speed dating event held by Somerby Sandy Spring, an assisted living facility, in October. Miller, who doesn’t live at the facility, was so excited that a week before the event he even came to scope the place out. 

“We had two top tables and had all the ladies sitting down. They all had cards that said ‘spark, no spark, and just friends,’” Jodi Firestone, who works at the home, told InsideEdition.com.

The event was for senior citizens ages 75-96.

The couples each sat with each other for four minutes. That’s when Renee and Miles hit if off.

“He was more of a flirt than I am,” Renee said

After the event, Firestone realized both Renee and Miles had checked off spark on their cards for each other and she called them up to let them know.

They’ve been inseparable since.

”He’s very loving. He’s a good hugger,” Renee said. “We just love to be together. We laugh a lot.”

The two spend every weekend together and even went on a cruise to the Caribbean. 

When asked what he likes about Renee, Miles answer was simple, “intelligence, beauty, brains, butt,” he said.

I am so thrilled for them. I always knew it was possible to find love at any age and i am so happy to know i had a part in bringing Miles and Renee together. How beautiful that they found love again at this point in their lives.