Woman Afraid to Wash Her Clothes Because of Her Creepy Laundry Room

"It makes weird noises. The lights flicker. There’s cobwebs,” Blaine Caravaggi explains. “It’s like Halloween all year round.”

The most dreaded part of Blaine Caravaggi's day is when she heads down to the creepiest room in her house: the laundry room.

The house was built in 1860, before the Civil War. It’s a beautiful, fully restored home, but Blaine, who owns an organic baking business, still gets spooked when it’s laundry time.

“It makes weird noises. The lights flicker. There’s cobwebs,” she tells Inside Edition. “It’s like Halloween all year round.”

Even with a sparkling new washer and dryer that would make some excited for chores, Blaine is still uneasy. And the unsettling feeling remains.

“It’s very creepy. I hate coming down here,” Blaine said.

While washing clothes in this unfinished space, it’s best to beware of strange noises.

It’s a similar situation for Garrison Briggs, who also has a spooky laundry room in his Detroit apartment building.

“I was just in disbelief how gross it looked. The walls were covered in graffiti," Garrison says, adding that it looks like something out of a horror film.

Like so many others, Blaine and Garrison have to muster up all their courage just to do a simple chore like laundry.

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