Woman Allegedly Killed By Her Husband's Lover Who Was Dressed Like A Clown Loved The Performers As A Kid

It's an ironic twist in the 1990 murder of Marlene Warren, who was gunned down by a 'killer clown" at her home.

In Florida’s backlog of cold cases, one instance of a killer clown was one of the most intriguing, and it remained unsolved for nearly three decades. Now, an ironic twist in the case has emerged.

Twenty-seven years ago, Marlene Warren was shot dead at her front door by a clown holding balloons. The alleged assailant's identity remained a mystery for 27 years until cops arrested Sheila Keen, who later married Warren's husband.

In a bizarre turn of events, it has been learned that Warren was a big fan of clowns when she was a little girl. 

Her mother Shirley Twing showed off the room they had filled with clown paraphernalia and paintings Warren drew of the circus favorites in an interview with ABC News' 20/20 that airs Friday.

Correspondent Deborah Roberts spoke about her interview with Twing with Inside Edition. 

"It is a very eerie coincidence, it was just so bizarre that when we learned that the victim, Marlene Warren, actually painted clowns," she said. 

Cops say back in 1990, Keen allegedly drove up to Marlene's Florida home carrying balloons and a bouquet of flowers. When Warren opened the door, the clown allegedly pulled out a gun and shot her in the face. 

Two women say there is a strong possibility the murderer bought the clown costume at their shop.

One of the women recalled to 20/20 that a woman said she needed a clown costume "tonight" before the incident 27 years ago. 

Cops say Keen, 54, was having an affair with the slain woman's husband, Michael Warren. 

Sheila and Michael are now married and were leading a private life in a house in Virginia. They ran a fast food restaurant and Sheila went by the name Debbie. 

The case had been cold for 27 years, but cops say new DNA tests gave them the evidence they needed to make the arrest.

"One of the investigative officers said she didn't seem that surprised when she was taken into custody," Roberts recalled. "One must has to wonder that police might come knocking at her door at some point." 

Michael Warren, seen watching police take his wife into custody earlier this month, tells ABC News that she is "falsely accused" in the murder of his first wife.  

An attorney for Keen said she will plead not guilty.