Woman Allegedly Lied About Dead Dog to Continue Raising Money on GoFundMe, Police Say


Kanna Sudo, 26, allegedly confessed she lied and said her dead dog was still alive to continue raising money.

A Japanese woman who allegedly lied in order to raise $16,000 for her sick dog, who was actually already dead, has been charged with attempted fraud, Insider reported.

Kanna Sudo, 26, was arrested on Jan. 13, and she allegedly confessed to the lie. Sudo’s dog actually died in August, according to the report, but she made at least three updates on the social media after his death seeking more donations, claiming he was still alive. 

Police said Sudo told them she continued asking for money because she needed to cover the vet bills left from the dog’s sickness before it died, a local newspaper reported. Police were tipped off to the fraud, according to Insider.

The dog, Toi, was suffering from a critical heart problem before it died, Insider reported.

On the GoFundMe, Sudo wrote that the money would be used for the dog’s medical treatment and that any excess money would be used for future vet visits.

The fundraiser raised more than $16,000. However, it has since been cancelled, Insider reported.

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