Woman Allegedly Raped by NYPD Cops as a Teen Says She Screamed for Them to Stop

Anna Chambers spoke to Inside Edition after the rape and kidnapping charges against the officers were dropped.

Anna Chambers, the woman who claims two NYPD officers raped her in the back of a police van in 2017, demonstrated to Inside Edition how she says she was handcuffed. 

Chambers was 18 when Eddie Martins and Richard Hall detained her for allegedly possessing drugs while they were undercover in Brooklyn, New York. 

As they drove toward the precinct, Chambers says one of the officers climbed into the back seat and forced her to perform a sex act.

She said she was raped, telling Inside Edition, “I was screaming, ‘No, please stop,’ while the other officer was looking in the mirror.” 

Chambers filed a police report, and Martins and Hall were arrested.

The officers admitted they had sex with Chambers but claimed it was consensual and she was not handcuffed. Then their lawyers dug into Chambers’ social media accounts and found selfies that they argued were “unprecedented" for a victim of a "vicious rape."

“They were trying to slut-shame me,” Chambers said, adding that they were trying to make her feel like she was asking for it based on what she was wearing. 

Questions about her credibility were also raised by the district attorney's office because she couldn't remember what she wore the night of the alleged assault. Turns out, she was wearing sweatpants.

Her attorney, Michael David, also spoke to Inside Edition. 

“Those inconsistencies that they were claiming, our position is that they were unrelated, they were irrelevant and immaterial to what took place in that van,” he said. 

The rape and kidnapping charges against the cops were dropped.They pleaded guilty to bribery and official misconduct and were sentenced to five years of probation.

“This is not justice for me, I'm sorry, it's really not,” she said.