Woman Allegedly Suffering From PTSD Sues Southwest Airlines After Engine Failure Flight

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She called it a "horror."

A woman, who claims that she has PTSD after watching a woman get partially sucked out of the aircraft, is suing Southwest Airlines.

The woman was onboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 last week when the plane’s engine failed.

A window broke open during the ordeal, causing the death of a passenger. Now, Lilia Chavez’s attorney has filed a federal lawsuit against the Dallas-based carrier and the engine’s manufacturer, CFM International, for the “horror” she experienced.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of both companies

Chavez says she was sitting three rows behind the shattered window and saw other passengers struggle to pull a woman back into the cabin the window busted.

Chavez is asking for compensatory and punitive damages for the carrier’s reckless misconduct and disregard for her safety and well-being, according to the complaint, which was filed Thursday in federal court in Philadelphia.

Chavez’s attorney argues Southwest failed to properly inspect and maintain the failed CFM56-7B engine in light of a similar fan blade failure that took place aboard a Southwest flight in 2016, Dallas News reported.

It is the first reported lawsuit after the accident.

The airline announced last week that it is providing $5,000 checks and $1,000 travel vouchers to passengers who were on board the April 17 flight to Dallas.