Woman Allegedly Torched Her Own Home and Sat in Lawn Chair Out Front to Watch it Burn

Gail Metwally, 47, was charged with attempted murder and multiple arson-related counts after authorities say she set fire to her own home with someone still inside.

Video of a woman appearing to relax in a lawn chair with a good book is a lot more than meets the eye, as authorities say she had just torched her own home, then sat in the front yard to watch it go up in flames.

The shocking video taken by a bystander starts with the woman having an argument on her front porch in Elkton, Maryland. A man threw water on her, and then there was another argument with another resident.

The next thing you know, the home they all live in was on fire as the accused arsonist sat outside. 

“I couldn't believe that she was just sitting there, like it wasn't happening,” Avery Hammond, the man who shot the video, told Inside Edition.

The fire quickly consumed the home, and a bystander ran to help a resident as she climbed out a window. Fire crews rushed to the scene, before the whole roof fell down.

“She just casually went out there, sat in the chair, stated a few obscenities and watched the fire spread throughout the house,” Senior Deputy State Fire Marshal Oliver Alkire told Inside Edition.

Gail Metwally, 47, was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder and multiple arson-related counts, NBC News reported. She reportedly has mental health issues.

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