Woman Breaks Down in Tears as She Hears Voice of Late Mother Inside Teddy Bear

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A great-grandmother from Georgia may have died months ago, but her voice is living on.

Bernadette Weekes, 55, of Atlanta, broke down in tears as she heard the words, "I love you," in her late mom’s voice coming from a teddy bear given to her by her son.

"Mom said it's one of the greatest gifts she’ll ever get and she feels like she has been given her mom back," her son, Patrick Harris told T&T.

Patrick is one of Margaret Weekes’ 17 grandchildren. The matriarch of the family also had 11 children, and 11 great-grandchildren.

In the last years of Margaret’s life, Bernadette was her primary caregiver. The pair was together during Margaret’s final moments.

"One of my grandmother's favorite sayings was 'I love you,’” Patrick said. "She said it to just about anybody, even strangers."

As a gift to his mom, he decided to look through old videos and pull up a moment when his grandma said the phrase. He then brought the recording to Build-a-Bear, where it was implanted inside the teddy, which he called Mother Love.

"She had no idea. When I gave it to her she immediately started breaking down," Patrick said. "I knew she would be surprised and love it. I was nervous it might have been too much for her to handle, but she loved it."


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