Woman Caught Stealing From Georgia Navy Veteran on Surveillance Camera Footage

The woman was pretending to use the bathroom when she allegedly pilfered money from 94-year-old Thomas Hendrix's wallet.

A woman has been caught red-handed taking money from the wallet of a 94-year-old Navy veteran in Georgia.

Surveillance footage shows the frail vet, Thomas Hendrix, escorting a family through his home. A woman can be seen apparently looking around the house, possibly scoping it out. 

At one point, the woman asked to use the vet’s bathroom. 

While staying behind, she finds the elderly homeowner’s wallet and appears to be counting the cash before taking some out. She then looked through another wallet that turned out to be empty. She is then seen going back to the first wallet and removing more cash.

Stuffed the money inside her bra, she goes into the bathroom and flushes the toilet, an apparent ruse to make the homeowner thing she had been in there they whole time.

Neal DeLoach, who takes care of the elderly vet, said he felt something was amiss in the home and was outraged when he checked out the surveillance video.

"I was mad, but I was also already knew that something inside of me wasn’t right," he told Inside Edition. 

DeLoach posted the video on social media and sure enough, the woman came forward, identifying herself as Heather Weldon.

"I did not steal from him it was all a misunderstanding," she posted.

But police in Douglas, Ga., told Inside Edition an arrest warrant has been issued for Weldon.