Woman Claims Astronaut Wife Stalked Her From Space: She Was 'Trying to Bully' Me

Summer Worden is in the midst of a bitter divorce from NASA astronaut Anne McClain.

Disturbing new details are emerging about the allegations that astronaut Anne McClain committed the first crime in outer space

McClain is in the middle of a bitter divorce from her estranged wife, Summer Worden, that includes a custody battle over Worden's 6 year-old son, Briggs. 

“She's just a bully,” Worden said.

Worden, who was joined by her mother, Beth, told Inside Edition that McClain actually stalked her online while she was on the International Space Station for more than six months this year.

“She would send me threatening or demeaning e-mails but I did not respond to those,” Worden said. “It's another example of Anne trying to bully and stalk me and invade my life and try to control me, in essence.”

The former Air Force Intelligence officer said she went to the authorities after she discovered McClain allegedly hacked into her bank accounts to find information to use against her in her custody battle.

Worden said McClain knew information about her financial transactions that she couldn't have known unless she was logged into her personal account. The log-ins to Worden's account were allegedly traced back to the space station. 

“Nothing I had was private anymore, clearly, and probably had not been for months,” Worden said. 

McClain, who is considered a leading candidate to become the first woman to walk on the moon in 2024, is fighting for custody of Worden's son, even though she is not a blood relative.

“He's not a child of the marriage. I had him on my own prior to even knowing Anne,” Worden said. 

They met online when Briggs was a year old. Before she went into space, McClain posed for photos with Briggs appearing to claim she was his mother, writing on Twitter, “He will grow up and know what it looks like behind the scenes to pursue a dream. He is my ‘why.’”   

The photos infuriated Worden, she said. 

“Anne has never acknowledged me as Briggs' mom. She has posted on Twitter that indicates that she is an example for all working moms and I just think that's an insult,” she said. 

Now Worden's mother is making a direct plea to the astronaut to let the custody case go.

“Anne, drop the case. Go back to being the good person we thought that you were,” she said. “Just drop the case, Anne!” 

McClain has denied doing anything wrong, including hacking into her estranged wife's bank account. The investigation is ongoing.