Woman in Desperate Search for Parents After Devastating Mudslide Destroys Their Home

Kelly Weimar later learned that her parents did not survive.

Video captures the heartbreaking moment a woman discovers her parents are missing in the aftermath of the devastating California mudslides. 

Kelly Weimar’s parents were apparently in bed when the river of mud and boulders swept their home away.

James and Alice Mitchell and their dog Gigi lived in Montecito, which has been ravaged by the historic mudslides.

When Weimar arrived at the home Thursday, only the foundation remained. Only rubble is left.  

Inside Edition’s Jim Moret helped her search as she gripped her cell phone, hoping it would ring with good news. 

But in a heartbreaking development, she later learned her parents didn't make it. 

The grim search for the missing continued Thursday and the challenge facing search and one of the main challenges rescue teams are faced with is the home-by-home searching while battling through mud.

If they find no one inside, they mark “All Clear” in spray paint and move on to the next house. 

Marco Ferrell was woken up by his son, who drove to his home to alert his parents about the mudslide heading in their direction. Everyone survived.

“I spent two-and-a-half years in Vietnam during the war but I never thought I was going to die like I did that night,” Marco told Inside Edition. 

Ellen DeGeneres, who lives in Montecito, fought back tears as she talked about the town's fate on her show. 

“They’re finding people and bodies and I mean, you hear the word mudslide and you have no idea the impact that it has, but after the largest fire in California history, it’s catastrophic,” DeGeneres said. “It is beyond recognizable.”

She also FaceTimed with her neighbor, Oprah Winfrey, whose property is covered in mud.

“I’m looking out the front window, I think everything’s fine, everything’s fine, and it wasn’t until I put my boots on and went outside walking and I realized everything wasn’t indeed fine,” Winfrey said. “Where I am right now, which is, like, on the east side of my property, I was walking down here and... all of my neighbors’ homes are... gutted. All of the neighbors’ homes are gutted.”