Woman Falls 164 Feet to Her Death in Freak Bungee Jumping Accident While on Date With Boyfriend

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According to footage taken by witnesses, the bungee operator yelled to Yecenia Morales Gomez’s boyfriend to “jump now," but Yecenia Morales Gomez instead jumped.

A 25-year-old Colombian lawyer bungee jumping fell 164-feet to her death in a freak accident after she mistook the bungee instructor signal to be for her to jump, officials said.

Yecenia Morales Gomez was standing online at the Sky Bungee Jumping in Amaga, located in Northern Colombia on Sunday, when her boyfriend, who was not identified, was ahead of her online, ready to take the plunge. Morales Gomez thought the cue was meant for her to go and leaped off the bridge, The Herald Sun reported. 

Morales Gomez was reportedly only wearing a harness but was not attached to the safety cord, a report said.

According to footage taken by witnesses, the bungee operator yelled to Morales Gomez’ boyfriend to “jump now” before Morales Gomez jumped, the news outlet reported.

The boyfriend rushed to Morales’ aid and attempted CPR. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they pronounced her dead, a report said.

“Sadly the woman did not have any vital signs and we later recovered the body,” a firefighter spokesperson told the Herald Sun.

Her boyfriend, who was in shock, was treated by paramedics for injuries he sustained when rushing to her side.

Morales Gomez was believed to have gone into cardiac arrest during her fall, according to the Colombian news outlet Notices Caracol.

It was the first time Morales Gomez had gone bungee jumping. She and her boyfriend were reportedly the 90th jumpers of the day, The New York Post reported. 

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