Woman Gives Birth to Twins 1 Week Apart: 'It Was Surreal'

Windie Wilson gave birth to twins one week apart.

Her first daughter was born at 31 weeks, and the second twin was born 7 days later.

A Texas woman never expected that she would give birth to her twins a week apart. 

Windie Wilson suddenly went into labor at 31 weeks pregnant and gave birth to her first daughter, Elliyanna Wilson, on Jan. 13 at Zeid Women’s Health Center.

“It was very surreal,” Wilson told InsideEdition.com. “When I woke up that morning I was going to go get a shower, get ready for church and water broke and I was like okay wow.”

Wilson assumed her second daughter would be coming immediately after but she said she suddenly “clamped shut” and her first labor ended. She thought she might have to have cesarean but doctors thought it might be best to let the second baby stay in the womb as long as possible. 

“They didn’t really expect to make it a week,” Wilson said. “They said it could be hours, it could be days, it could be weeks. Nobody really knew.”

Wilson stayed in the hospital and waited.

Seven days later, Jewelianna Wilson entered the world fashionably late. 

“I think I just didn’t have enough room in there… I have a really tiny, short body,” Wilson said. 

The mom said she believes Jewelianna may have held out so she could be born on her grandmother’s birthday, whose name was Jewel. 

In the future, she said she is not sure if she will celebrate their birthday separately.