Woman Has Triplets Naturally After Having Twins in Her Second Pregnancy

The family did not expect it.

An Illinois mom has defied the odds by having triplets naturally after having twins in her last pregnancy.

Teri Nobles, 28, said she thinks she is just fertile.

When Nobles got together with her current partner, Mario Aguirre, she already had one child and Aguirre had two. 

When she fell pregnant with their first child together, they thought they’d round out the number of children they had.

“When we found out we were having twins, that was really shocking,” Aguirre said. 

Neither of them have twins in their family. Unfortunately, one of their twins passed away the morning they were born. The other twin, Marcel Chance, is now 3 years old. 

When Nobles fell pregnant again last year, they were hoping to have a girl. Instead, they found out they were expecting triplets — all boys.

"I was surprised," Nobles said. "I didn’t think I would even have a chance of having multiples again. I was even surprised the first time when I had the twins so I was just really shocked."

Doctors said the chances of it happening naturally are incredibly slim.

"To have a history like her, which is first pregnancy one baby, second pregnancy, twins, and third pregnancy triplets, all natural, no in-vitro fertilization, no fertility medications and then all boys…," neonatologist Dr. Vibhaben Thaker said. "If you put all those numbers together, it’s one in several million."

Nobles' first set of twins were identical. Two of her triplets, who were born at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, are also identical. 

Although they were hoping for a girl, Nobles said they’d be too scared to try again.

"The second time we found out she was pregnant, we were like, 'OK, considering what happened before, we can do one more,' and then sure enough, shortly after, there was three more,” Aguirre said. "That’s why I wasn’t surprised. I was like, 'I guess the universe had it already in the stars for us.' It’s a super blessing. We are very happy."