This Woman Hopes an Ad in New York City Cabs Will Help Find the Love of Her Life

Ann Cutbill Lenane hopes ads in taxi cabs across New York City will help her find the one.

Fed up with looking for love, this New York woman is hoping it will find her via yellow taxi cab. 

Ann Cutbill Lenane is taking a different tack to meet the one. For years, she's been advertising real estate on the little TVs inside the city's cabs, so she thought why not make a commercial to advertise herself?

"I've raised two kids, have been a real success in business, but now it's my time to find the guy," she told Inside Edition. 

The ad, called "A Man for Ann," cost $5,000 and is now playing in more than 7,000 taxis across the city. 

"If you're a gentleman with a kind and gentle soul and you love your mother but you still don't live with her, give me a call," Lenane says in the ad. 

Asked why she didn't just give dating apps a shot, Lenane said it was important she be more than a picture. 

"I wanted to give them a little bit of my personality," she said. 

And while her friends worried about her revealing her true age ⁠— 57 ⁠— Lenane is owning it. 

"I'm not 35 and if somebody wants a 35-year-old, that's not me, but I'm fit, fabulous and 57 now today," she said. 

So are there any suitable candidates?

"A couple," Lenane coyly replied.