Man Gives Wife Amazon Package Birthday Cake Since She Loves to Shop There

Her husband thought it'd be a funny moment.
Emily McGuire Photography

A North Carolina husband jokingly got his wife a birthday cake that looked like a box from amazon because she loves to shop on the site.

Emily McGuire receives quite a few Amazon boxes throughout the week, so her husband, Waylon, thought it'd be the perfect treat.

“He wanted to pay tribute to that, I guess,” McGuire told “I thought it was just a box at first.”

But when McGuire realized it was cake, she thought it was hilarious. He bought the cake from Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, she said. 

“I laughed so hard when I saw it. It was delicious,” she added. 

She snapped a photo and posted it to her photography page on Facebook, where it’s making others laugh as well. 

“It has definitely taken over Facebook. I never dreamed it would get that much attention,” McGuire said. “Everyone loves it, I guess.”


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