Woman in Wisconsin Charged With Killing Friend With Eye Drops and Stealing $290,000 From Her, Cops Say

The suspect claimed her friend was “known for eye drops,” bought them in large quantities, and drank Visine with vodka, police said.

Prosecutors in Wisconsin have charged 37-year-old Jessy Kurczhewski with first-degree intentional homicide, claiming she used an unusual murder weapon to kill her friend: eye drops. After allegedly killing her friend, Kurczhewski allegedly made the alleged victim's death look to be a suicide and stole money from her, officials said.

According to a criminal complaint in 2018, Kurczhewski called 911 to report that her friend, who has not been identified, was unconscious and not breathing. 

Police said they found crushed medication on the woman’s chest and on a plate nearby. However, the medical examiner said the woman died from an overdose of tetrahydrozoline, the active ingredient in eye drops, which can be fatal in large doses. 

According to the complaint, Kurczhewski said her friend was “known for eye drops,” bought them in large quantities, and claimed she saw the woman drink Visine with vodka. 

While investigating, police say they discovered that Kurczhewski defrauded her friend out of over $290,000.

Kurczhewski is also charged with two counts of theft of movable property. She has reportedly not entered a plea, but her bail was set at $1 million.

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