Woman in Labor in Aisle 1! Baby Boy Delivered in Butcher Shop

A healthy baby boy made a surprise entrance in Mexican restaurant and butcher shop.

A woman walked into a butcher shop and promptly went into labor.

Twenty-five minutes later, with the help of the cook, the cashier and the owner, a healthy boy was delivered on the floor of the Mexican restaurant and carniceria.

Issamar Sepulveda, who owns the Fresno, Calif., business with her husband, was a startled wreck when the woman, a regular customer named Erica who lives across the street, started screaming.

"I was so nervous, but I didn't know what to do," Sepulveda told InsideEdition.com. "The baby was already coming out, so we ran to see it."

Sepulveda, who is the mother of twins, scooped up the slippery newborn and realized she needed something to cut the umbilical cord, which was wrapped around the baby's neck. That's when the cook got involved, producing a pair of scissors.

"She throws them to me, and I catch them," Sepulveda said. 

Enter the butcher, who holds the infant so Sepulveda can sever the rope of fetal tissue around the little one's throat.

The cashier was on hold with 911. "The dispatchers were busy ... All of us were busy with the baby."

Finally, an emergency operator picked up the line. Help was on the way.

Meanwhile, the baby was cold and had started taking on a purple tint.

The butcher surrendered his jacket to wrap up the infant. 

"It's crazy," Sepulveda said, describing the chaos. 

The ambulance arrived in about 10 minutes. 

Mother and baby were wheeled out and taken to a local hospital.

Sepulveda went to visit them and said both are happy, healthy and fine.

The tiny boy has been named Toby.