Woman Made Up Firefighter Husband to Collect $11,000 Worth of Gifts: Cops

Ashley Bemis claimed her husband, who doesn't exist, was a firefighter battling California wildfires.

A 28-year-old woman made up a husband who she said was fighting California’s devastating wildfires, cops say

During one of the area's destructive infernos earlier this year, Ashley Bemis posted on Facebook, saying: “I received a text today from Shane saying it's pretty much a living hell out there.” 
She appealed for supplies and generous people sent her blankets, food, air mattresses and more gifts worth $11,000. Police say she later sold some of the gifts.

An actual firefighter later found that her supposed husband, "Shane Goodman," did not exist.

Cops later raided Bemis' home and confiscated gifts she had not yet sold. She allegedly has a long history of fabricating stories, particularly about being pregnant.

"She does have a history of doing these types of scams for at least the last 10 years," Lt. Mike Peters of the Orange County Sheriff's Department told Inside Edition. 

Neighbors even threw her a baby shower with expensive gifts after she claimed her husband and other children had been killed in a car crash. Once again, the baby bump was fake. 

Shannon Crowley says she knew Bemis in high school.

"When she came to school and said that she was pregnant, there was a lot of suspicion, but she played it up very, very well that enough people believed it [and] threw her a baby shower," she told Inside Edition. "Then, the deceit came out."

Bemis claims to be a wedding planner, her company is A Sweetpea Event & Celebration in San Clemente. 

Bemis has not been arrested or charged in the case.