Woman Recounts the Perilous Moment She Saved Mom From Oncoming Atlanta Subway Train

Katie Weszell jumped into action to save her mom after she was pushed onto the tracks.

The 28-year-old who saved her mom after she was pushed onto the subway tracks in Atlanta says she's no hero. 

Susan Wenszell and her daughter, Katie, were spending a weekend in Atlanta in late August and were getting around town using the subway. During one trip, they were waiting on a platform when a lunatic violently shoved Susan from behind.

“I do believe he intended to kill me,” she told Inside Edition. 
She went flying onto the train tracks and was sprawled across the tracks. She had been knocked unconscious.  
With only seconds to spare, her daughter jumped into action — and onto the tracks. 
“I looked down to see how close the train was saw the light and just thought 'I needed to save her' and I jumped," Katie recalled. "All I can remember is jumping down and saving my mother." 

Susan was lying in the middle of the tracks with her head lying on one rail and her legs on the other. While Katie knew that she too could get hit by the train, she was able to reposition her mom and herself to the center of the tracks in order to allow the train to pass right over them. 
Susan escaped with minor injuries but her daughter suffered serious injuries and even flat-lined in the ambulance. 

"She has saved my life," her mother declared. "She risked her life to save my life, to me that is the definition of a hero."

The 8th grade school teacher is still healing and her toes had to be amputated. She has three plates in her head and her shoulder was pinned back together. Her necklace also got caught in the oncoming train and cut her neck, just missing her windpipe and carotid artery. 

As she heals, her father, Jerry, says he is very proud of his daughter. 
“How she moved her, how she did it, how she didn’t get electrocuted, how Sue didn’t get electrocuted, nobody knows. To me it’s a miracle,” he said. 
Katie doesn't see herself as a hero.
"I’m not a hero," she declared. "I did what any other daughter would have done for a mother they absolutely love."
A 28-year-old man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery in the attack, as well as charges in connection with an earlier alleged attack at the same train station.