Woman Remembers Being Attacked by Pack of Vicious Dogs in New Jersey

At least six people have been attacked by the three dogs that police say have been terrorizing the neighborhood for months.

Terrified locals are speaking out after a pack of what cops described as vicious dogs has been terrorizing them for months in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Dramatic video shows the husband of Denise Nicastro's swinging a large metal pipe as three dark-colored dogs approach him. He uses the pipe to fend off the animals as they close in.

"Thank god he brought that stick with him," Nicastro told Inside Edition, fighting back tears. "Because if he didn't have that, you know, what would we have done?"

At least six people have been attacked by the dogs, according to authorities. Four were sent to the hospital over their injuries, including a woman who was bitten to the bone. 

"Very terrifying," the woman told Inside Edition, showing a laceration and bruise on her forearm. "I turned and I saw them coming and I was able to brace myself. And they just all jumped on me."

Police say the dogs' alleged owner, Esau Morales, had been told in the past to secure the fence where the dogs had been escaping, CBS Philadelphia reported. The dogs were reportedly captured by authorities after their latest attacks.

On Friday, Morales was in court facing criminal charges. After the hearing, he went out a side door to try to avoid Inside Edition cameras.