Woman Reunited With Wallet She Lost at a Movie Theatre in 1975

Tom Stevens recently found the long lost wallet in an attic crawlspace as the theater underwent renovations and found its owner, Colleen Distin, through social media. What happened next brought Distin to tears.

A wallet lost 46 years ago has been returned to its owner after it was found during the renovation of a movie theater. 

In 1975, Colleen Distin went to the movies at the Majestic Theater in Ventura, California. When she realized her wallet had fallen out of a hole in her purse, she called the theater, but had no luck. 

In 2021, Tom Stevens found the red wallet buried among old ticket stubs and candy wrappers in the attic crawlspace. He was able to find Distin quickly through social media.

“First I started laughing, because I was just like, ‘Oh this can’t be real,’” Distin said.

Inside the packed wallet were photos, concert tickets and even a cookie fortune slip. The only thing missing from the wallet was a check for $200. But thanks to employees at the theater, she’s getting that back, too — and they even adjusted it for inflation, bringing the total to $1,000.

“I’m speechless,” Distin told Stevens, tearing up.

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