Woman Says She ‘Broke a Lot of Dishes’ Dealing With Ex-Husband’s Affair With Monica Lewinsky

Kate Nason sat down with Inside Edition to discuss her new memoir "Everything Is Perfect" and the 1998 press conference in her front yard that thrust her family into the spotlight. Years later, she says Lewinsky apologized in a letter.

The FX series "Impeachment: American Crime Story" dramatizes President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. But it was not Lewinsky’s first relationship with a married man.

In her new memoir, “Everything Is Perfect,” Kate Nason discusses the affair between Lewinsky and her ex-husband, Andy Bleiler.

Bleiler was Lewinsky’s high school drama teacher in Los Angeles. According to Nason’s new book, the affair started when Lewinsky was a 19-year-old college student and lasted five years. Monica even babysat for the Bleilers. 

Nason told Inside Edition how she found out she was connected to one of the biggest scandals in political history.

“My mother said that she was reading the L.A Times that said that the president of the United States was having an affair with a White House intern. And I said, 'So?' and she said, ‘Honey, the intern is Monica,’” Nason said.

In 1998, Nason suffered the humiliation of appearing at a press conference with her husband when he admitted everything. She calls it her "stand by your man” moment. You can actually see her mouth the words “I love you.”

“Well that's probably the moment I regret — ever walking out on that front porch,” Nason said.

Nason divorced Bleiler in 1999.

“As I write in my book, I broke a lot of dishes,” Nason said.

Years later, Nason says Lewinsky sent her an apology letter. Nason forgave her. 

“She was young. Good for her for telling her story. I am just here to tell mine. You know, I wish her well,” Nason said.

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