Woman Says She Can't Imagine Pole Dancing With Anyone Other Than Her Dad

Hazel Roberts, 27, owns a pole dancing studio with her dad, Dave, 52.

Talk about a swinging good time.

Dave Roberts, 52, and his eldest daughter Hazel, 27, who own a pole dancing studio in Gloucestershire, England, and not only are they great instructors but they are also father and daughter.

“I was a bit confused when I first heard her call Dave, ‘Dad,’ but they clearly know what they are doing,” said Kate Brown, one of their students, told SWNS.

The pair had started pole dancing about six years ago, but at the time, neither one knew the other was taking the classes.

Hazel said she took a six-week course in college, and sent her dad a photo of her performing a move called “The Crucifix.”

Her dad then responded with a picture of him doing the same move, and explained his girlfriend at the time had convinced them to do classes together as well.

They kept it a secret for a while, but then Dave started taking classes with Hazel when she returned from school.

“It’s a matter of trust,” Hazel explained. “If you can’t trust your own dad not to drop you, who can you trust?”

She explained their routines are based more on gymnastics and strength rather than seductive dance moves.

In 2015, the pair was featured on Britain’s Got Talent and despite being called “the weirdest thing” by the judges, Dave went on to win fourth place in the semi-pro category at the international Mr. Pole Dance competition in 2016.

They have been approached by other partners over the years, but Hazel says she can't imagine pole dancing with anyone other than her dad.

“I wouldn’t feel so comfortable or safe because they would not know my balance points like my dad does,” she said.