Woman Says She Telepathically Urged Mountain Lion Out of Her Oregon Home

Was this mountain lion psychically shooed from a woman's home?
In the words of the poltergeist lady: 'This house is clean.'Facebook

Lauren Taylor found the predatory big cat asleep on her couch and says she showed it the way out with her mind.

An Oregon woman is safe after finding a dangerous mountain lion dozing on her couch and it's all thanks, she says, to her telepathic connection with the beast.

In a Facebook post that's now been seen by thousands, Lauren Taylor describes the otherworldly encounter as she experienced it earlier this month. 

"There’s a mountain lion in our living room," Taylor wrote as she chronicled her meeting with the mountain lion in real time as it unfolded over the course of hours on July 7. "

Taylor said the mountain lion was asleep when she first spotted it.

"When I made noise, she woke up," Taylor wrote. "I gazed lovingly then blinked hard and then she did it back! Then, she went back to sleep."

Time crawled by with the dangerous animal still dozing in Taylor's home. As dawn approached, Taylor said she knew the mountain lion needed to leave. 

“I sent telepathic pictures of the routes out of the house via open doors and the route out the backyard, across the creek, through an open field, and back up into the hills," she wrote. "We got guidance that the way to rouse her and get her to leave her safe spot behind the sofa without panicking was through drumming."

In video Taylor shared, she does exactly that. As drumming can be heard in the background, the mountain lion cautiously makes its way out of the home.

"It was a perfect ending to a blessed encounter that could have been dangerous if approached from a lower frequency," Taylor wrote, in another apparent reference to the vibrations she chose to emit in the presence of the animal. "Thank you for seeing and honoring the spirit of the encounter and this beautiful and powerful animal."

While there are those who may doubt Taylor's version of the events, her photos and videos seem to speak for themselves and, as of this writing, her Facebook album of the encounter has been shared over 14,000 times.